I. Current Students
1.1 Graduate Students/Research Assistants
Li Huang, Ph.D. student in Geography, 2015-
Andrew Layton, M.S. student in Geography, 2016-
Wenlong Feng, M.S. research assistant, Geography, 2017-

1.2 Undergraduate Students/Research Assistants
Haug, Gareth. BS. Geography, University of Idaho. 2017-
Conniff, Leighann. BS. Environmental Science, University of Idaho. 2017-

II. Former Students
2.1 Graduate Students
Dong, Ensheng, MS., Geography (thesis advisor), University of Idaho (RA/TA, GIS/associate applications analyst at Peak Reliability, Oregon), 2014-2015

2.2 Undergraduate Research Assistants
Rotell, Sawyer, BS., Geography, University of Idaho, 2015-2016
Andrew Layton, BS., Geography, University of Idaho, 2014-2015
Nicoll, Kelly, BS. Natural Resources, University of Idaho, 2015